Logitech K780 Multi Device Keyboard

With the new computer build in place, desk space is at a premium.  Having multiple keyboards and mice was just too much clutter.  I stumbled upon this keyboard that had great review and could control multiple devices. I had to try it out.   

In the Box
Keyboard, 2 batteries, USB receiver, warranty and instruction guide.


Initial Impression
Set up wasn’t too bad.  Connecting via bluetooth to 2 devices was a breeze.  Connecting the USB receiver to an old desktop that didn’t have bluetooth took a few extra minutes but after the 3rd try it connected. The keyboard has a soft look to it. The keys are circular and are easy to press and have good reaction. Switching between devices  is as easy as pushing the 1,2 or 3 white buttons.

After 3 week of use
I have been very pleased with this keyboard so far.  It’s really nice to easily toggle between multiple devices powered on at the same time.  You can even connect via bluetooth to your phone or tablet. 


My only complaint right now is that I use the Control+Home or End keys to go to the top or bottom of a document and on this keyboard you have to use the Function+one of the arrow keys to accomplish that, so that is taking some getting used to. There is a handy online cheat sheet with some shortcut keys which has been really helpful.

I am really liking this “one keyboard to rule them all.”  This really clears up the desk clutter from having multiple large keyboard and I can still accomplish everything I need to do.

4 out of 5 stars

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