Nu Bear’s Nu Grip for GoPro

I was searching YouTube a few months ago and a few of my favorite GoPro content creators, David Manning and MicBergsma both recommended this new product for Go Pros, so that was enough to sell me on it. This was an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and they shipped it from London, so it took some time to arrive in the U.S.  Let’s check it out.


In the Box
The Nu Grip Handle, strap and some paperwork.

Initial Impression
It’s a few inches taller than the standard Go Pro floating handle.  The handle is very sturdy.  The telescoping “selfie” stick is a nice feature in addition to the tripod stand.  Oh, and it floats upside down if you ever drop it in the water.

After 3 week of use
I really like this handle for the GoPro.  It’s very sturdy in hand.  The 3 levels of the telescoping “arm”  work great.  You have to twist left to raise and twist right to tighten at each interval.  The tripod legs are very sturdy and hold up well even if the stick is fully extended to the 3rd level.


It is a little larger than the official Go Pro handle that floats, but that’s not a big deal.  (The Go Pro one doesn’t have a tripod either).

This is a great addition to the Go Pro accessory list I’ve been accumulating lately.  I would highly recommend this over the regular Go Pro Shorty which is a tripod and handle. I also recommend this over the Go Pro Floaty  which is just a handle that floats.  The Nu Bear’s Nu Grip is 3 in 1….Handle, Floaty and Tripod. 

5 out of 5 stars

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