Seasonic Focus PX-850, 850W 80+ Platinum Full-Modular Power Supply

For the Great Quarantine of 2020, I decided to finally do something I’ve thought about doing for years…build my own computer.  After lots of YouTube videos and online research,  now seemed to be the time to try this. The next few reviews will be some of the various parts for this build. This should be fun. 

Item #7: Power Supply.  This was the hardest part to find.  Amazon and Newegg were sold out of most inventory or the prices were outrageous.  I was able to find this at Amazon but I had to wait 3 weeks for it to come back in stock.

In the Box
Seasonic Focus PX-850, 850W 80+ Platinum Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and Various Application, SSR-850PX.  Various cables for Motherboard, PCI-E, and SATA

Initial Impression
Construction seems solid. I’ve heard great things about Seasonic and the 10 year warranty is a nice touch.  Cables are sturdy.

After 3 week of use
Power supply is working great.   It is really quiet. The modular design means you only plug in the cables that you need so you don’t have excess cables just hanging out.

None at this time

The 850W was probably overkill for my build, but since inventory was low all across the internet,  I took it.  This is working great and is more then enough for any build these days.   Seasonic is a quality brand and stands by their product.  You can’t go wrong with this.

5 out of 5 stars

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