be quiet! PURE BASE 500DX

For the Great Quarantine of 2020, I decided to finally do something I’ve thought about doing for years…build my own computer.  After lots of YouTube videos and online research,  now seemed to be the time to try this. The next few reviews will be some of the various parts for this build. This should be fun. 

Item #1: The Case.   This was a tough choice due to the vast selection of PC Cases out there.  It came down to what’s in stock on Amazon or Newegg.  This is a fairly new case and had good reviews, plus I liked the white color.

In the Box
Pure Base 500DX, instruction manual, screws for Solid State Drives and Mechanical Drives, motherboard screws and zip ties.

Initial Impression
The case is beautiful.  I chose the white color for this build, just for something different.  The case feels very solid.  One side is tempered glass offering a nice view into the case. Twist screws are everywhere which offers easy accessibility to all the sides.  3 fans are included which you can move around if you wish.

After 3 week of use
I love love love this case. I can’t speak more highly of it.  There is plenty of room inside to navigate while installing all the parts.  I did move the top fan to the front panel to get more airflow from the vents in the front.  The RGB lights on the front have a dozen variations to cycle through to your liking.   

The only complaint is that the front panel can be a little difficult to remove, if you want to check the dust filter.  It can put up a challenge and be stubborn, but you have to pull hard on the edges for it to come out.

The build is off to a great start. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of cases.  The LED strips on the outside add some nice pop to the white case.

5 out of 5 stars

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