Dell SE2419H Monitor

Since we’re all under quarantine, it was time to get another monitor for the work from home lifestyle. Dell had a sale and I have been happy with the previous purchase, so let’s give this one a try.

In the Box
Dell SE2419H computer monitor, HDMI cable, power cords/power brick. Quick setup guide.

Initial Impression
This model has a matte finish, compared to the glossy S2419H model.  It is easy to connect the HDMI from computer to monitor.  This monitor does not have the built in speakers, like the S2419H model does (which is actually a good thing….see previous review for that information).

After 3 week of use
I’m happy with this purchase so far.  It has all the same settings, like Movie, Warm, Cool etc… The menu navigation is also the same as the S2419H and pretty easy to figure out.

No complaints really. The bottom bezel is larger on this model compared to the S2419H, but that’s not a big deal.

This gets the job done and at a great price from Dell. The display is beautiful as is the overall form factor. Dell is always having sales with coupon codes, so this is a good buy for the price if you need simple 1080p monitor.

4 out of 5 stars


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