Apple TV 4K

With a new 4K TV purchase comes various other upgrades for your peripheral devices. As an owner of now very old the 1st Gen Apple TV, it was time for an upgrade to new 4K model.

In the Box
Apple TV, Remote, Power Cords, Manual

Initial Impression
As with all Apple devices, construction is beautiful. The sleek black color box is much larger than I anticipated, but still smaller than the flatter and wider Roku Ultra. The Remote is nicer and larger as well than the previous Gen 1. Set up is simple. Log into your apple account , connect to wifi and after a few permission and access screens, you are all done.

After 3 weeks of use

Very pleased. The remote takes some getting used to since it is all gesture movement, but once you get the hang of it, it’s can be nicer than the Roku since you just swipe to scroll up or down vs button clicks.


Not many, if any. Sometimes apps are sluggish to get started. I can’t tell if that’s an issue with the device or the internet.


If you are in the Apple Ecosystem, look no further. This ties in seamlessly to your other apple devices and I’m sure you will be very pleased. If I had to choose between the Apple TV and Roku, I would choose the Roku, mainly because of the vastly superior app/channels available. If you only need the basics and not a rare channel, you’ll be happy with the Apple TV.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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