Apple Watch Series 4

I had an opportunity to try out the new Apple Watch Series 4 as part of a fitness program. I’m very excited. I have not tried the previous versions before, so this will be a new experience. I’m trying the 44mm larger face with the black sport band.

In the Box
Watch, small and large band, power cord with charging magnet, little manual.

Initial Impression
The watch was 85% full of battery so it was time to go through setup. The watch synced/paired up with my iPhone after a few clicks, and then the rest of the setup can be completed on the phone. The phone app lets you choose from numerous watch faces and you can even make your phone photos into a custom watch face. That is a nice feature.  The Heart rate monitor is very easy to use.  I’m looking forward to trying the ECG/EKG and navigating around the fitness circles/ rings.

After 1 week of use
I’m very pleased so far.  Battery life seems really good. After wearing it all day and most of the evening, the battery is only down to 70%.  The icon view drove me crazy, so I switched to the list view, which is more manageable for me.  The ECG is very interesting and easy to use.  It can detect irregular heart beat rhythms just by pushing your finger on the scroll wheel. The fitness rings take a little getting used to, but over all it has lots of information to provide.  The numerous watch faces are a nice treat and you can customize each corner of the screen with things such as weather, time, calendar, and many more.

I don’t really have any negatives at this time.  The only minor gripe I have is I can’t get a good fit with the band.  The small was too small and the large is almost too large.  I might have to look into another band.

I am very pleased with this Apple Watch Series 4.  It goes above and beyond what my expectations were.  Hopefully this will keep me motivated to keep active and fit.  Now  off to the gym to get those steps in.

 5 out of 5 stars

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