Fitbit Flex 2

I had been a user of the Fitbit Zip for years and after losing it twice (Fitbit support is amazing by the way), it was time for an upgrade.  I wanted to try the Fitbit Flex 2 since it is not as bulky to wear on the wrist as some other Fitbit models are.

In the Box

 Small Wristband, Large Wristband, Tracker, Charging Cable, Manual

Initial Impression

 I started out with the small wristband.  It fits snug, which is probably a good thing.  Charging is easy. The Tracker fits easily into the charging cable. Plug it into any USB outlet and let it charge up.

After 3 weeks of use

 So far so good. I’ve been very pleased with the Fitbit Flex 2.  The app is easy to use and shows all your activity and battery level as well.  The Fitbit will also “buzz” to get you up and move every hour or so if it detects your non-movement, during certain hours (customize-able).   That’s a nice feature for a desk job person like me.  Sleep tracking is a nice addition. It shows your approximate bed time and wake up time and also shows any time during the night when you are restless, awake, or asleep. Nice feature.  The battery seems to last about 4 days before it needs to be charged up again.


I wanted to try the larger wristband since the small one was getting a little snug after daily use, but the clasp was so difficult to remove off the small band, I gave up after 20 minutes of trying.  Even after looking at the Fitbit website on how to do it, it still wasn’t budging, so I gave up.


 So far so good with the Fitbit Flex 2.  A nice upgrade from the Fitbit Zip, and very affordable if you want to step up your fitness tracking activities.

4 out of 5 stars

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