Synology NAS DS218+

Tired of various cloud devices or having to depend on Google, Apple or other cloud services, then look no further than this bad boy. Still one of the entry level Synology NAS units, this was all I needed and wanted to try. My goal was to have a place to store a backup copy of all of my photos, music and Plex library movies.

In the Box
NAS Unit, Power Cable, Ethernet, Manuals. You must buy your own internal hard drives and install. I chose the Seagate Ironwolf brand. Prices can quickly skyrocket as you get more TB, but prices are slowly coming down.

Initial Impression
Setup took some time. After installing the drives and powering on, you have to load up the Diskstation Manager to control everything. Lots of options, so it can be a bit overwhelming. YouTube was a great help in watching other users set up and install, so I recommend that.

After 3 weeks of use
Getting better. There are still tons of options I don’t even use. If you want a simple place to keep a back of your photos, music, documents, etc. this device works great. Plex is even one of the built in apps, so I can run my Plex Media Server directly from here, which is what a I really wanted. iPhone, AppleTV and Roku apps all exist for DS Photo, DS Video and DS File. The iPhone apps work great. One thing I set up is auto backup to this NAS if I take a picture on my phone, so I no longer have to pay for Apple iCloud to do the same. The pics go directly to a folder I choose. The connectivity of the apps are pretty good for the most part and I’ve connected from all over the country. Another app I like is DS Note for taking notes, blogging etc. I like the layout and the iPhone app is also easier to use on the road.

Not many complaints. I’ve had a few random reboots here and there and software updates seem to come out monthly.

I’ve tried various personal cloud devices, from Pogo to WD My Cloud, and this is by far and away the best I’ve used. I highly recommend a Synology branded NAS for your own personal cloud device.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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