GoPro Hero 6 Black

I admit, I’m a little late to the GoPro party, but I had a big trip coming up, so I decided to bite the bullet and try the best action cam on the market. I was so excited to take this on my trip.

In the Box
GoPro Hero 6 Black, Housing, Battery, Charging cable, a few mounts, Instruction Manual, Stickers.

Initial Impression
Easy to operate, especially the easy on/off red button on top if you don’t want to push the main power on/off button. When pushed on top, you will start/stop recording automatically. This also saves on battery life.

After 3 weeks of use
I am very impressed with the image quality of the Hero 6 Black. The 4K quality of the images are outstanding, especially in daylight settings. The settings menu is fairly easy to navigate. Definitely turn on the stabilization for best quality video. During vacation, the videos of mountain landscapes were jaw dropping. In the GoPro desktop software or phone app, you can even take still pictures during playback. The quality of those still images is also amazing. A 64gb micro sd card will give you 1 hour of recording time, and 32gb micro sd card will give you 30 minutes. I love the small size of it. You can take it anywhere.

I highly recommend getting a second or third extra battery. They drain really fast, so always be prepared. They batteries for the Hero 6 are compatible with the 7 so that’s good news if looking to upgrade. My other complaint is the stabilization. I bought the Hero 6 Black a few months before the Hero 7 Black came out. All I hear about is the Hypersmooth on the 7. The stabilization on the 6 is pretty good, but I was a little disappointed with some of the camera shake that came out of my videos even after having it on a hand held mount and trying to move as slow as possible. This can be corrected a bit in post processing. I used iMovie’s stabilization and that helped quite a bit.

Very pleased with my first step in the GoPro arena with the Hero 6 Black. It’s the best video camera I’ve ever used. The 4K video quality is outstanding. However I do want to try out the Hypersmooth on the Hero 7 Black, so stay tuned for a potential review of that coming soon.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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