TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug

As a Amazon Echo user, I entered the smart home market by trying out the TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug to voice control the lamps, and other objects around the house. Let’s see how this goes…..

In the Box
Smart Plug, Manual

Initial Impression
Set up was mostly painless.  It took a few attempts to connect to the device’s wifi. I also had to download the Kasa App and then had to do some setup in the Amazon Echo/Alexa app as well.

After 3 weeks of use
Love it.  After finding the right “name” for my device, like “Bedroom Light”, the Amazon Echo works like a champ as far as turning on/off the devices these smart plugs. If I’m away from home, I can also use the Kasa app to turn on/off devices. Full disclosure, I have since purchased 4 more of these smart plugs and have them all around the house on various devices. This time of year, the best part is coming home and saying “Alexa, turn on the Christmas Tree”. Gotta love smart home automation.

The only down size is the size of this wall plug. It’s rather large and while the second wall outlet is visible, I’m unable to actually plug anything into it. Some newer models are thinner and smaller so those warrant a future purchase.

Some might call it laziness, but I prefer the term “smart home automation”. I love these devices and TP-Link is a quality name brand what works great with the Amazon Echo.

5 out of 5 stars

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