Roku Premiere +

I have been a user of Roku devices for ages and it was time to make the jump to the 4K version. Roku offers many more “apps/channels” than Apple TV and a much lower price, even for their 4K model.

In the Box

Roku, Remote, Power Cords, Manual

Initial Impression

Roku is very easy to install. Just connect the power and HDMI cable and that’s it. Create or log into your Roku account and you’re off to the races. Interface is nice and large and navigation is snappy quick, making good use of the quad-core processor.

After 3 weeks of use

Very pleased. Any and all steaming channels you can think of are available from the channel store and the quality of some of the 4K content is fantastic. YouTube and Netflix and some other 4K content really stand out. Some channels require a cable subscription, so for you cord cutters out there, it’s a start, but give it a shot and see if you can manage. Battery life seems great on the remote and response is very quick.


Really no negatives to report on yet. I use this device almost daily.


If you’re looking for a streaming device, which isn’t tied down to the Apple Ecosystem, look no further. The 4K edition of the Roku Premiere+ shines.

5 out of 5 stars

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